40 Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle Across The USA (On a Budget!)

Safia Miletus

Safia is a thrill-seeking motorcycle nomad, travel blogger, aspiring photographer and artist. You can often find her shamelessly squealing over kitten pictures, probably camped at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.

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  1. Jimmy Cruze says:

    Great tips! I will add one that I learned the hard way a long time ago. Whenever possible use purpose built luggage or bags that are designed to mount on a motorcycle. If you have to use straps, use those cinch straps that don’t stretch and lock in place instead of bungees. Even though the bungees may hold everything fine under normal riding conditions, in an emergency maneuver they may stretch and allow your gear to shift creating a very uncomfortable situation.
    Always stay safe and Get out There!

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