How To Help Safia (aka Vagabondesss)


goat and girl

This goat thinks I’m a strong, independent woman.


If not for you, I would not have this blog. I wouldn’t spend hours creating and sharing content that no one likes or benefits from. This website, as well as all my social media account posts, represent many many hundreds of hours of work.

Think about how internet content changed your life in little ways! Personally, if not for all the travel blogs and forum posts I found online, I would have never gained the knowledge, courage, or inspiration to go out and travel on my own, which has changed my life and me as a person. I tend to trust personal experience more than anything when it comes to traveling, so I am forever grateful to the people who chose to share their travel experiences online. I am also forever grateful to my virtual friends for their priceless encouragement, and the valuable information they shared with me. I hope to pass on the good deed, and hopefully indirectly change the lives of others, including you 🙂

So, if you are inspired and really enjoying my blog and my social media photos/posts and want to support me, there are a few ways to contribute to Vagabondesss! Below is what you can do, and the ways it actually makes a difference!


That time in 2014 I camped behind a Denny’s (free camping!)


Follow, Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe!

One day, I hope to eventually make money through my blog (so far, it’s just a time consuming hobby). Social media engagement indirectly drives traffic to my website, so it will help me if you follow me on social media, like and comment on my updates, subscribe to my email list, and share my website/profiles/social posts with your family and friends!

The more online engagement I receive, the more it will help me in the long run, whether it’s eventually making money through my website, or simply networking and finding good opportunities (like sponsorships!). You can follow me or share my posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google +, and Youtube. You can also follow my personal Facebook profile!

Also, nothing makes my day like decent feedback, such as an encouraging message or valuable comments (that other readers can benefit from). Helpful information, love, encouragement and moral support from you is SO greatly appreciated!


Sharing is caring!

Love makes the world go round!


Send Me a Gift!

So.. WOW. I’ve had many of you want to mail me gifts before, and that’s SO unbelievably sweet! I would never have expected that. I usually must decline as I simply don’t have room in my bags, and I currently live on the road, so shipping might be an issue even if it is something I do need.

If you want to, you’re more than welcome to send me an email gift card from Tim Horton’s (emailed to, MEC, Starbucks, Bass Pro, or even (which I can use for later, as I can ship to random Amazon warehouse pick up locations).

You can also just donate a gift via Paypal or credit card to help with my basic expenses! If you want to donate towards anything in particular (like a meal, a specific item, or just something random), you can contact me or just mention it during the donation.

To send a money gift, you can click the coffee button below, or you can just use my PaypalMe link:



Some details to help you make an informed decision: I try to stretch my dollars as much as possible, which is why I am able to travel for longer periods of time. So, a little money goes a long way! My current daily food budget is $5 per day. I have been able to stick to a $500/month budget when living on the road before. I tend to avoid paying for accommodation by either couchsurfing or free/stealth camping, but running this website costs money in hosting and domain fees. Other expenses that donations would go to would be gas, grocery store food, very occasional campsite fees, motorcycle-related expenses (registration, new parts), or online data backup fees. I don’t spend money on things like restaurants or motels.

  • $2 = a coffee/wifi session
  • $5 = a day’s worth of food
  • $10 = a month of website hosting
  • $15 = a tank of gas
  • $20 = a “real” campsite

The reason I have been stopping at coffee places recently is to use their free wifi & electricity in order to work on this blog, talk to my family, edit photos, post my adventures/photos on Facebook. I also try my best to take time respond to everyone’s comments and messages! So each cup of coffee goes a long way ;D


Cat rolling in cash

This picture proves that money doesn’t make cats happy!


Hire Me Or Host Me!

You can also hire me to make you a website (or improve an existing one, as long as the work isn’t too complex), edit your photos, or even draw something for you!

If I am in your area, and you own a business, I am happy to take a temporary job that will hopefully teach me something new, and help me stay on the road longer!

Interested in working with me? I’m open to collaborations, cross-promotion, and sponsorships. If you have any ideas, shoot me a quick message, and we can go from there!

If you are a member of Couchsurfing, AirBnB, WarmShowers, or anything similar that has a referencing system, and you have at least several positive references, I would be absolutely delighted to take up the offer of a temporary place to stay if I am in the area.

Many of you have offered me a place to stay during my travels. As heartwarming and sweet this is, as a single female I usually do not always stay with people that I don’t know, even though I do feel that most people have the best intentions. Please do not take it personally if I decline!


Will work for raisins!

Maybe he will, but I don’t even like raisins much!


Hopefully I will be opening an online store soon-ish! I plan to sell items such as t-shirts, stickers, posters and phone cases displaying my photos and art (and other designs) to help fund my motorcycle hobo lifestyle. I will be using a company that prints & ships products directly to customers, so that I don’t have to carry any actual products with me.

Travel is my drug, the love of my life, and a priority to me, so I want to keep being a motorcycle hobo, no matter what it takes!